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How to successfully sell your gold

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There comes a time when you would like to trade in your golden belongings like jewellery for some cash. There are companies like PMT Pty Ltd and individuals alike that will offer their services to you so that they can value the gold and buy it from you. The business of buying and selling gold entails a lot of trust between you and the buyer. It is, therefore, very crucial that you find a buyer that is trustworthy and knows their business. Here is how to do so. Be knowledgeable on the subject Before you can go out and start hunting for a buyer for your gold pieces, you should make yourself conversant with the going rates for gold and what is needed in transacting business involving gold. You should, therefore, find out the gold content of the articles that you intend to sell. This is important so that you have an idea of the amount of money you should expect from the dealer you have chosen. Check out the reputation of the buyers You should check out what the previous customers say about the service offered by the gold buyer. This information will help you decide if that particular gold buyer is worth taking your gold to. The reputable buyers will have numerous positive reviews from the clients they have handled in the past. Confirm the legitimacy of the buyer You might have found that the buyer has a good reputation with the people that they do business with, but you should not jump in with both feet at this point. You should check with the relevant authorities to see if the gold buyer is a legitimate player in the industry. In Australia, the buyer – if it is a company – should possess a Second Hand Dealers license. To check this, you can find out at the Office of Fair Trading or the Consumer Affairs Department in your state or territory. Compare the payment methods of the different buyers If the buyers are using an online portal to transact their business, you will need to compare the different methods of payment as well as the time it takes them to do so. The right company should use reputable online payment methods that guarantee your money reaching you in a few days at the most. Equipped with these few tips, you will be highly confident that you can successfully trade your gold cash without too much...

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Are Ugg boots too informal for work?

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Ugg boots are a staple footwear choice for many Australian women since they offer both comfort and style for everyday wear. Despite this many are unsure whether Ugg boots are suitable to wear for work. Uggs are often seen as relatively informal shoes; they’re ideal for wearing around the house, for a day out shopping or for casual events. The question is, are they too informal for a work environment? Office-based environments In May this year the Australian immigration department made fashion headlines as it banned its staff from wearing Ugg boots to work. A department official explained that civil servants had been dressing a little too casually for the office and that the boots were part of a longer list of items deemed too unprofessional for business. Although it’s somewhat unusual for individual corporations to make the news with their staff dress code, the headline could suggest that many other employers across Australia also deem Uggs boots too informal for work. However, it could simply be a matter of opinion which differs between employers. Many office-based workplaces have a smart-casual dress code with staff expected to look presentable and well put together, even if they’re not representing the company to the general public. Whilst Ugg boots are more casual than they are smart, they could be made to look more formal when dressed up with the right kind of outfit. Unless Uggs are explicitly banned from the workplace employers may deem them acceptable attire providing that you continue to dress smartly overall. Customer-facing jobs Rules on workplace attire often change depending on the environment. Whilst office-based workplaces often ask for smart-casual dress, customer-facing environments – for example in the retail, leisure or public services industries – may require stricter uniforms or dress codes. It’s important that businesses and organisations portray themselves professionally at all times to the general public which is why it’s not uncommon for employers to ban Uggs and enforce rules on appropriate footwear. For this reason, it’s not usually recommended to wear Uggs to work if you deal with customers on a daily basis. Despite this, more casual establishments such as pubs and bars may find Uggs acceptable and be happy for employees to wear them. In these types of environments staff are often on their feet for long periods of time and comfort is therefore important. Employers may encourage staff to wear the footwear they feel most comfortable in and Uggs could be an appropriate choice. Ultimately it comes down to the style, atmosphere and clientele of the business; whilst Uggs would look out of place on a waitress in a formal Italian restaurant, they would look appropriately informal when worn by bar staff in a friendly local pub. Different attitudes Overall, attitudes towards Ugg boots can vary between employers and workplaces and there are no hard and fast rules of their appropriateness. As with all other types of clothing it’s important to assess the environment you’re working in and ask yourself whether Ugg boots fits in with the atmosphere and ethos of the business before choosing to wear them to...

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Choosing The Right Point-Of-Sale System For Your Business

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Point-of-sale software systems, also known as POS systems, are essentially computerised systems that streamline the retail process for a business. POS systems provide a fast and effective way for customers to make payments, while simultaneously monitoring inventory and categorising sales. If you’re looking at acquiring a POS system (a combination of software and hardware), chances are you own a small business that is looking to expand. When deciding on the right POS system for your business, the most important thing to consider is your business type. Different types of business have different needs. You probably fit into one of two industries: retail or hospitality. The required functions of your POS system will vary accordingly. Hospitality Industry If you own a café, pub, or restaurant, there are certain specific functions that your POS system will need to be able to carry out. The payment system should be able to split checks in a number of ways, as well as leaving room for tips and gratuities. Furthermore, the software should be able to handle having several tabs open at the same time. While the above are the base requirements of a hospitality POS system, it is possible to acquire a system with more advanced capabilities. A good POS system can also handle reservations (synchronised with a table layout), send orders directly to the kitchen, keep track of inventory, and even store customer information to streamline takeaway orders (or deliveries, if you offer that service). Retail Industry A retail business differs from a hospitality business in a few key aspects. In retail, you will only have one transaction open at a time (or, for larger businesses, one transaction per checkout station). Additionally, tips and deliveries aren’t generally part of the equation. In retail, your items will most likely be labelled with barcodes. Your POS system should be able to quickly and easily scan and process barcoded items, while being able to manually key in items that lack a barcode (such as fresh produce) or are damaged in some way. Further considerations for a retail business involve easily syncing up with reward cards/gift cards and coupons. Inventory tracking is also critical for a retail business, so you should select POS software that automatically handles that aspect. Find A System With Good Customer Support No matter how easy and intuitive the POS system is to use, there will undoubtedly come a time when you will need to carry out a function that you haven’t previously encountered. For this reason, it is imperative that the system you choose has a solid customer service reputation, so that any inquiries or problems you may have in the future will be promptly...

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Three Trophy Ideas For Homeschool Parents And Tutors

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As a homeschool parent or tutor you want to reward children in the same way you would if they were in a traditional school system. Rewards help to motivate children to take on more challenges in the future. Offering a trophy is a way kids can remember their past achievements and help build new goals. Here are three trophy ideas for homeschool parents and tutors to help encourage their students. Physical Fitness Trophy Physical fitness is something that many parents—both those of homeschool children and those of traditionally educated children—are concerned with. You want your children to get out more and do more, keeping obesity at bay. Some parents are using physical fitness trophies to do this. You can have these created with unique designs and wording; they can be as fun or as professional as you want them to be. These are also an ideal option if your child is interested in excelling at certain extracurricular sports like martial arts where training may be involved. Each trophy can become a symbol of milestones met throughout their training, leading up to the trophy they receive from the activity itself or competition. Green Living Trophy One of the aspects that many homeschool parents are incorporating into their curriculum is green living. Part of this curriculum is to incorporate real goals that can effect the entire family as well as the child. You can set monthly, weekly, or even daily goals for reducing waste or switching over to solar power for a part or all of the energy used in the home. You can even teach outdoor green living skills that could lead to building a tiny home or even a cob home for older students. A trophy for individual goals can help them make more goals or can help them show what aspects of green living they have reached. Academic Excellence The traditional academic trophies don’t have to be left to traditional education. You can use these to help your children and to give them a symbol of their academic goals. These can also be used when your child applies for university. Many universities accept academic achievement awards as part of extra curricular listings on applications. Though they may not be used as a form of proof of education, they can show the child’s drive and ambition to reach their goals over time. These three trophy ideas are easily created through a trophy shop. You can take in unique ideas and designs, or you can use the pre-designed options available. For more information, contact a company like Classic Framing Gallery &...

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