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Three Trophy Ideas For Homeschool Parents And Tutors

As a homeschool parent or tutor you want to reward children in the same way you would if they were in a traditional school system. Rewards help to motivate children to take on more challenges in the future. Offering a trophy is a way kids can remember their past achievements and help build new goals. Here are three trophy ideas for homeschool parents and tutors to help encourage their students.

Physical Fitness Trophy

Physical fitness is something that many parents—both those of homeschool children and those of traditionally educated children—are concerned with. You want your children to get out more and do more, keeping obesity at bay. Some parents are using physical fitness trophies to do this. You can have these created with unique designs and wording; they can be as fun or as professional as you want them to be.

These are also an ideal option if your child is interested in excelling at certain extracurricular sports like martial arts where training may be involved. Each trophy can become a symbol of milestones met throughout their training, leading up to the trophy they receive from the activity itself or competition.

Green Living Trophy

One of the aspects that many homeschool parents are incorporating into their curriculum is green living. Part of this curriculum is to incorporate real goals that can effect the entire family as well as the child. You can set monthly, weekly, or even daily goals for reducing waste or switching over to solar power for a part or all of the energy used in the home. You can even teach outdoor green living skills that could lead to building a tiny home or even a cob home for older students. A trophy for individual goals can help them make more goals or can help them show what aspects of green living they have reached.

Academic Excellence

The traditional academic trophies don't have to be left to traditional education. You can use these to help your children and to give them a symbol of their academic goals. These can also be used when your child applies for university. Many universities accept academic achievement awards as part of extra curricular listings on applications. Though they may not be used as a form of proof of education, they can show the child's drive and ambition to reach their goals over time.

These three trophy ideas are easily created through a trophy shop. You can take in unique ideas and designs, or you can use the pre-designed options available. For more information, contact a company like Classic Framing Gallery & Gifts.