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Types of Car Batteries

A car battery is a device used to supply electrical current in a motor vehicle. It is installed in a car so that it can be used by the starter to start the engine. Once the engine has started, the battery is no longer in use. For the battery to work, it has to be connected to the car system through the use of battery connectors. There are several types of connectors available in the electronic shops including:

  • Solder slugs
  • Brass battery terminals
  • Copper battery terminals
  • Lead battery terminals

Motorcycles also use batteries to start the engine. Nothing frustrates more than a battery running out of charge. It means that the engine will not start, delaying the motorist's plan. To deal with the issue of the battery running out of charge, manufacturers have come up with highly efficient batteries that last longer. The following types of batteries are commonly used;

Wet lead acid battery

This was the first type of battery manufactured. It uses lead acid as the primary fluid. It is constructed using lead plates and lead oxide material. Sulphuric acid is filled in the battery and the reaction between the acid and the lead plates produces a charge. For efficiency, water is topped up to prevent the plates from damaging.

Wet lead acid batteries are very efficient and can provide charge for a very long time.

Gel cell battery

This type of battery is constructed in such a way that it is sealed with lead acid. On the inside, a mixture of sulphuric acid and silica is applied, to form a gel substance. Unlike wet lead acid batteries, this type of battery does not need maintenance. Its main advantage is that it is highly resistant to vibration and shock making it last a longer duration. After the charge is exhausted, it is recharged using a trickle charger. Trickle charging is very efficient and does not damage the battery.

Absorbed glass mat battery

This is the most common type of battery used by motorcycles nowadays. Absorbed glass mat batteries work on the same principle as the gel batteries. They are also very resistant to vibration. The main advantage of these batteries is that they are very cheap compared to the others. This means that they reduce the cost of buying the other batteries.

For every motorist, choosing the right battery for their car or motorcycle is vital. Based on the above, the motorist has a variety of choices to choose from. Quality is of the essence.